Reply To: The latest instalment of our nightmare!!


I thought we were having a rough ride over Santa Maria Greenhills, But Barbara & Katrina are in a worse situation. Interestingly we were spun the same lies by our estate agent & lawyer, both different firms. Katarina has done an amazing amount of work on their case, she is fluent in Spanish, I believe. (We spent 2 hours on the phone last night !! 🙂 . Hopefully, we can help each other. At least they have had the satisfaction of a face to face with the directors of Eralia and told them exactly what they thought…. in a dignified way. Hopefully, Katarina will tell you of their plight.

Mark, they would have a good example for your article on “when it all goes wrong in Spain” Together, we could verify the facts. They are wanting to put this in the media headlights! 😀