Reply To: What’s going on in the off-plan investor market?



I read this section with a lot of interest.

I have recently posted a topic on another forum which challenges book price versus resale price versus eventual price.

Indeed it is extremely interesting but also quite simple, in my opinion, to comprehend the way in which the Spanish property market is at the current time.

Firstly, I think one has to make a distinction between developers – what constitutes a good developement that people will want to either ‘buy’ in to or choose to rent when completed versus a develepor that does not ooze trust, enthusiasm and the ‘desire’ to purchase. Secondly, I believe that sector categories need to be establised and identified – by this I mean coastal, golf, alternative inland, city inland.

This simple part as I have mentioned, is that you will not make money buying and selling off plan. By way of making money, I mean serious money. This is not happening and it is creating market confusion with new builds.

The mixture of buyers as we all know are speculators, buy to let, and buy to live. The latter two I believe are the winners as medium to long term they will succeed, in the current conditions. The former are not succeeding with their financial desires, and as a consequence, are having a detrimental effect on the latter two.

I think this is an informative forum, and I feel dreadfully for the people that have been left high and dry by certain developers and unltimately lost money.

Wine and Jonathan Ross are now on offer……..

All the best and rgs