Reply To: Off Plan investor safety net?



Though I’m sure you haven’t been holding your breath, I’ll give you my first reaction.

The first question this post brought to mind was ‘is it a scheme or is it a scam?’

And on the basis of the information provided, I couldn’t tell you. There’s just not enough detail provided.

Also I’m struggling to make sense of the idea that a property’s value can rise despite the lack of buyers prepared to pay the higher price. But maybe that’s must me be pedantic about a small detail.

On the other hand I can see the need for a scheme that allows off-plan investors to hang on in there without having to put up more money, and without loosing all funds they have committed if they can’t complete. It would be complicated though, and the devil would be in the detail. The anonymous guest who started this thread is welcome to send me more information by email so that I’m in a better position to judge what this is all about.

If I hear anything I’ll let the rest of you know.