Reply To: Spanish Lawyers



I was going to reply to Joses post in the same vain as yourself Paul.( but I did not want to offend, as I have done before on this topic. I respect Jose.) Our Lawyers in the UK are regulated, in the same way as Chartered Accountants are. ( I presume all Accountants have a governing body) They would only be unscrupulous the once, in the UK ! We would not have been so badly treated by a UK lawyer as we have by our former Spanish lawyers. They would not get away with it. I don’t ever recall anyone asking recommendations for a trustworthy lawyer in the UK. It is taken for granted that they are all OK.

The problem with the bad lawyers in Spain is as you say Paul, they continue to practice under a new name, as is the case of “our friends” 👿 😈 in Marbella. Hopefully they are soon to get their comeuppence! 🙂