Reply To: help of plan in lznalloz near granada


Dear Sir,

Things in the spanish countryside do not work like in the north of Europe, here it is a completely different culture once you go out of big towns or coastal resorts, and you can’t do anything about it.
So my first advice is don’t panic, most probably nobody is trying to trick you, just be patient , take it easy, but of course that doesn’t mean to seat back and relax….

You can absolutely trust your spanish lawyer, it is a reputable proffesion in Spain, and of course there are some who are not so honest ( as there are in Great Britain, and for those who don’t believe this just read the Independent newspaper -second half of August- ). Your lawyer there can be more or less efficient but I am sure you can trust him/her. Anyway if in the end you are not very happy with his/her work we can recommend you a good one near Iznalloz ( offices in Granada )

Learn spanish, adapt yourself to the spanish culture and enjoy Spain.


José María Sánchez Alfonso
Abogado / Lawyer
Málaga, Costa del Sol