Reply To: help of plan in lznalloz near granada


hello terry thank you for your help well the little i know of spanish i managed to find granada town hall phone number i hope it is 958248239 or 958248126 or 958248225 well i know its the right number but i think it is different departments i hope 💡 i looked up lznalloz town hall but could not find one, dont know why as it is a small town, well it was untill this developer starts to build 300 apartment but iznalloz is 30 min away from granada so planning should be there i hope but thanks for your help in adva 🙄 : 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 bite more news to make a laugh called a nother agent about development as we all know 1000 developers advertise the same units, this one said oh yes the building licence on that development has been out for 3 months are you sure i said oh yes she said we never sell a development with out a builders licence what a loud of —- bye for now