Reply To: Selling advice needed PLEASE



If you cant find it from that ref no, then go into search by town, click Mijas, click 180,000€ and it’s the 2nd one down francia 19c . Its giving me the ref no vw171279 but maybe thats just an advertisers ref.
The apartments not over priced, how can anyone offer a low price without seeing it!!! I take no notice, as these people are just sharks hoping to get lucky!!
As I’ve said before the problem is purely a glut of 2 beds on the market, similar apartment to mine on same complex is 20,000€ more, so I know it’s not too expensive, have asked several agents their opinion and have been told it’s very competitive price and that I would need my head reading to lower it, so what can I do ??? I dont want to lower it further anyway.