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@anonymous wrote:

have had phone enquiries from people looking to pay half it’s real value!!.

Surely this tells you something? Your property must be overpriced for the current market situation, like it or not. A property’s “real value” is not what it’s worth to you, the vendor, it’s what it’s worth to a prospective purchaser.
Who calculated it’s “real value”, a bank’s valuation surveyor? And what is that based on? Euros per square metre or what adjacent properties are selling for?

It’s all relative anyway, surely? If your house is now worth 20% more than it was when you bought it, then so will be the next house you are looking to buy. Ditto if it’s 100% or just 1%. So unless you are getting out of the Spanish property market what does it matter? Talking up house prices does nobody any favours except for estate agents.