Reply To: Pay less for Property!


Hi Banushouse,

The only 2 people I know of from the development, are buying on the lower blocks. They will actually get an apartment although from the person that I spoke to on Sunday, that will not be until Jan 2006 at the earliest!! One other person came onto the forum who bought into the same blocks as we did, but I have not seen her post again.

The one thing that is common to all those who have a Bank Guarantee, is that they (BG) are all dated October 2006. We have given it a great deal of thought, and we think we might just as well wait for that date and save ourselves money and a lot of stress.

One ? springs to mind. Why did our useless lawyers in Marbella, not inform us of the protracted time scale between the date of completion & the date of the Bank Guarantee. Had we known of this discrepancy we would not have signed the contract, unless the dates were synchronised.

We still intend to report the lawyers to the spanish law society, as per our (now) lawyers advice.