Reply To: Selling advice needed PLEASE



Hi Claire

the Surrey Mirror is printed in Reigate (or it was when I advertised in it a year ago) and stretches from Redhill to Hindhead/Haslemere as far as Guidford. It used to get to Woking too but I am not sure about it now. But it still has a readership of some 40,000 or so.

I used to advertise in it when I sold mahogany furniture and it is a good paper to advertise quality in because it is a broadsheet paper.

However if you go to their website you get redirected to icsurrey which is run by tirinity mirror (who own the Surrey Mirror)

However the best form of advertising I found was printing off leaflets. If you live in Surrey then a great place to go would be Hindhead/Grayshott/Haslemere. There are lots of people there who did hanker after a place in the Sun. When I did a leaflet drop there for the furniture I got a 7% or so response rate – norally you get 1-2% if you are lucky.

Anyway good luck