Reply To: Selling advice needed PLEASE



it has been known for agents to rent your property out and pocket the money – not all agents would do this but why risk it.

been there had that! I doubt if people even consider this possibilty but I CAN assure you it happens!!

Who do YOU trust with your keys and property?

Unfortunately you HAVE to give the agents keys to show it, unless you have VERY GOOD relations or friends. If people know a house is empty or for sale you get people offering you cash “just for a month or two” I fell for that one as well, because you “know” neighbours you would assume you could trust them, unfortuantely Spain does appear to attract the immoral and corrupt. my neighbours relation, trashed the place and left me with 1000E worth of bills. Not surprisingly the “nice neighbour” has done a runner as well. This seems to be quite common, have heard about it from other people.

Choose an agent, try and find a reputable one (ha ha) and get a receipt for the keys , phone them up on a regular basis telling them you have friends or yourself who want to use the house that weekend, so you are just letting them now in case they have a viewing. Logic being it they think you are over here regularly they wont let friends stay there and it reminds that THAT YOU EXIST! think how many properties are up for sale with them at moment.

I think you have to come over on a regular basis to stop them letting it out or worse having all the services cut off. Its quite difficult to show a house with no electricity or running water.