Reply To: Selling advice needed PLEASE



Hi Flynn

if you – or anyone else for that matter – wish to put your property on my website FOC then drop me a line and I will set you up with an account. Any enquiries that come through will be directed straight to you.

With regards to advice about selling your property there are a number of methods you can employ depending on the type of property and whether it is new/resale or nearing completion. I will assumeit is a property that is built rather than off plan.

First of all local papers – not sure of the papers down CdS but here there are many. Try the Spanish papers as well (if you want help translating your advert into Spansih drop me a line at the address below)

If you dont want agents contacting you just put in “No Agents Please” they generally respect this (though not all of them)

Try an advert in a UK paper or magazine. If you have a reasonable house then try Daltons Weekly or Exchnage and Mart, you could also try Lady magazine which is very good for particular types of property.

Also newspapers such as the Surrey Mirror and Sussex times, country life etc are good places – again depends ontheproperty type.

Find internet sites that offer For Sale By Owner – especially free ones. Dont under estimate the power of the internet – 75% of buyers initially search on the internet – so by missing this valuable medium out you are only appealing to the remaining 25%.

If you have a large property worth a lot fo money (over €500,000) drop me a line and I will give you a site I have used for these kind of property. you have to pay for it but you get a lot of enquiries and hopefully a sale.

Try posting it on this and other forums – many allow private advertisers to put their property on – not sure if it works but as tesco say every little helps.

Print off some leaflets with your property details, and go round local towns and markets putting them out on car windows (not sure if that is aloowed down there but it is here and itis efective) drag family members and friends out to help – up here 6,000 small a5 leaflets will cost you about €100 and it could well give you enough enquiries to get a sale.

Make an offer for someone coming to look at your proerty – Figure out how much you would save by not using anagent and offer to buy a car upto that amount for the successful purchaser – makes it something different to all the other offers and if all the properties are similar then your will stand out as a better prospect.

Put the word about to friends in an email. Have a website with your proeprty detials (as Isaid you can use mine ofr this if you wish) and send an email to your firends in your contact list. Ask them to pass the email onto to as many people as they can to see if anyone out there wants your property. I have done this before when selling my own house and it worked a treat – never heard of the guy who bought it but he had received the email letter and was interested.

Put the leaflets up in as many places as you can – restaurants, bars, Supermarkets anywhere where people may see it.

And finally dare I state the obvious – stick a Se Vende sign on your window or door so people know it is for sale.