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Hi Flynn,

I’ve been looking into the question of how to renew a residency card – turns out my 5-year card expires next Tuesday, so it’s not a completely selfless act.

It’s a fairly straightforward procedure to renew your card (in as much as any Spanish bureaucratic procedure is ever straightforward). However before starting you should know that you are no longer required to have a residency card, so maybe think twice before renewing (is it worth the hassle?).

As I’m in the same boat as you I’ve had to ask myself the same question. I’ve decided to go through with the hassle of renewing (schlepping down to the police station to apply and then to pick up) as I don’t fancy carrying my passport around all the time – which is the alternative – and privacy issues aside, its very useful to have a residency card in Spain. One is always being asked to produce it, after all.

So if you want to renew you need to fill out this application form:
Sign it, then take it and a photocopy plus:
-Previous card, original and photocopy
-Passport, original and photocopy
-And just to be on the safe side, take 3 colour passport photos

To the nearest oficina de extranjeros, which you can find here:

One thing I didn’t understand from your original post to this thread. You said “We’ve had the new photo’s done but don’t know where to buy stamps”. What do you mean by stamps?

Kind regards