Reply To: Residencia Help


What is your problem??? Why don’t you climb down from morally bigoted high ground. You know nothing about me or my life style , I try my upmost to Speak the language to the local’s but equally chose to Speak English to my fellow countryman. I’m sorry you seem to think that anyone who speaks to other foreigners in the mother tongue or indeed help out your other country folk , should be deemed as some sort of common scum, In my little world it’s called friendliness and helpfulness, you obviously seemed lacking in either of these if you think you must live deep in the campo and never bother with another English sole ever again to be considered as civilised!!
The people I feel most sorry for are those in the UK who are working every hour god sends trying to save hard to achieve their dream of Moving abroad , to escape, unfriendly, self important people like you. The snobbery and eliteism of some so called Ex pats here is outragous.
Get a life and stop trying to tell me how to live mine in SOMEONE ELSE’S COUNTRY.