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@Flynn wrote:

at least they have the decency not to abuse you to your face for it.

Abuse behind your back is so much easier to deal with isn’t it đŸ˜‰
Perhaps I’m mad but I always thought it went along the lines of – move to a new country….learn the lingo? No? If not from common courtesy to your host nation then at least for your own personal safety and wellbeing. After 5 years surely you should be able to cope with something as straightforward as a residencia renewal, even if the lady behind the desk is “difficult”. She’s probably “difficult” because of all the foreigners she has to grant residencia to who can’t be bothered to learn Spanish. I’d be a bit “difficult” too under those circumstances.
If you don’t mix with expats then you must have been mixing with the Spanish and so you must by now have a good Spanish friend you could take with you to hold your hand and deal with the difficult, frightening Spanish lady.