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More from Jan, in response to Fisherman’s question:

Procoal Villas are a well publicised high profile property agent in
the Albox area and have massive hoardings on high ground as you
approach the town of Albox together with numerous posters around the
area. We have spoken to various locals about the many agents and
builders with mixed results. Issues to look out for: high builiding costs, building permits. On the plus side plot sizes and locations are quite excellent. ‘Fisherman’ should proceed with caution and speak to as many local people as possible.

Also, there are only a few licenced Estate Agents in Albox who are
sadly outnumbered by the unlicenced rogue agents who may be English
or Spanish. He should be aware of this as many, but not all, so
called estate agents conduct their businesses from home and sit
around outside the bars in town all day, armed with their portfolios,
waiting to whisk a prospective and perhaps unwary buyer off to view
some rather dubious properties in the middle of nowhere. This
excursion may even take him off for several hours through a rambla
(dried river bed) to view a property either in the middle of the
rambla or an old cortijo needing a life times work, half way up the
bank of the rambla. We know because we had been there, so as to speak
and it’s a waste of several valuable hours. Also, it’s not such a
good idea to contemplate buying anywhere near a rambla as the
occasional flash flood may occur. Newbuilds are not allowed to be
built in, or near the edge of a rambla in this region for obvious
reasons, but we have found many built within the last few years that
although illegal are inhabited!

He should also ensure that as a fault line runs through this region
it is suseptable to the rare earth tremour and newbuilds have to meet
a certain critiria in their method of construction. This means that
there should be a reinforced concrete frame.

If he should decide to approach a builder direct, he should ensure
that they are an established company and the letters S.L or S.A.will
be shown after their name on literature.

I hope this helps and does not put him off too much, as there are
many good people in this area who are extreemly friendly and helpful
towards the English in general.

Kind Regards,

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