Reply To: Costa de la Luz



Just my 2 cents. I go to Huelva area (El Rompido) several times each year to visit friends. Just returned from a week there. I love the area, the beaches, the seafood, the people. BUT, I am amazed at how overpriced properties have become. Yes I know the whole coast has gone crazy over last several years, but seriously, the prices are not realistic! At least in Marbella and Costa del Sol there is infrastructure and businesses growing and economies growing – but from Huelva to Portugal there is very little. And yet prices are comparable to Marbella area!! It’s silly.
If I were to buy out there (which I do hope to someday) I would definitely take my time and look for a resale in one of the small villages or even inland a bit and stay clear of off plan. I have looked at most projects being built and I am not impressed. In my very humble opinion – the developers there have seen the riches being made in other areas of the coast and have become greedy, charging far more than what they are worth.