Reply To: Probe into Costa Almeria Building Licences


Thank you Shaun for the information.

We certainly have plans for the basic project stamped by the Colegio Official de Arquitectos de Malaga dated December 2001. The plans for the swimming pool are stamped by Colegio Oficial de Aparejadores y Arquitectos Tecnicos de Malaga, dated March 2003. The final certificate is also stamped by the Colegia de Arquitectos and dated November 2003.

We were introduced to the architects by the estate agent and developer, who sold us the plot of land. My husband was the promoter and so everything was in his name. We had an “advisory service” who had our Power of Attorney acting for us and we paid out monies for the architects, the building licences, geological survey, construction insurance etc. etc when asked for it.

The developer’s story is that he was told verbally that a licence would be issued. It is mentioned in the escritura for the land. The verbal agreement was later revoked. We, ourselves, had no contact at all with the town hall until recently.

At no time were we told we were not able to build on the land by the town hall. We have receipts for the monies paid to them for the licences. It has not been returned to us. This is the main reason why we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will come through with the licence in the new plan.

Taking all these facts into consideration, do you still think we should report the architects? Should they have asked to see the building licence? Have they done anything illegal?