Reply To: Lawyers in Murcia



Hi Tilly,

I’ve just written a report on Murcia’s property market for the Sunday Times. It will be published in the next few months. I’ll also put up a much more detailed account here online.

I know exactly what you are talking about. There is a lot of shady dealing going on in Murcia. It’s a beautiful country but the property market can be treacherous. When buying in Murcia it’s more important than ever to deal only with the most reputable companies and use an independent lawyer to check everything. The advice you quote as being given in Murcia couldn’t be more wrong.

And another thing. If you are thinking of buying on a development, especially in the Mazarron area, then make sure you visit the development on your own (not with an estate agent) and talk to a few people who have already bought there. I visited 2 high-profile developments on the road north from Mazarron to Alhama. In both cases I was talking to British residents who had bought there within 1 minute of arriving, and within 2 minutes of arriving I knew that these developments had to be avoided like the plague. There were planning permission problems, buyers hadn’t been given title deeds even 3 years after paying in full, serious build quality problems, urbanisation infrastructure unfinished by a penny-pinching developer, etc, etc. All you have to do is visit and start talking to people and you soon find this out.

But anyone thinking of buying in Murcia should start by finding a lawyer. There’s a good lawyer in Murcia called Gonzalo Ross who you can trust. You can find his contact details here:

I’ll let everyone on the mailing list know when the Murcia guide is online. If you aren’t yet on the mailing list you can sign up on any of the pages at the main website.