Reply To: Is our plan realistic??



I agree with what Vince said except where I concur with what PJA said!

Inland is an option – I’m currently considering a 4/5 bedroom village house on a lovely lake that’s 20 minutes from Granada’s airport and an hour and a half from Malaga’s – less when a nearby dual carriageway is finished in a year or 2. The price is €60,000, and rural get-away-from-it -alls are becoming more and more popular as peoples lives become more stressful or they get to enjoy more than 1 holiday a year. I found it myself while on holiday there – the other tourists there were mostly after some rustic relaxation or were cyclists and hillwalking types.

I’ll have to spend about €20,000 on the house – maybe more if I can’t get a grant to replace the current asbestos roof – maybe less if I take a few weeks out to do some of the work myself. It needs a new kitchen and bathroom, and I would be converting one of the bedrooms to a half covered roof terrace area to enjoy the view. I hate decisions. 🙁