Reply To: Probe into Costa Almeria Building Licences


Hi Mark

We have an escritura for just over 6000 square metres land. The land is rustic. We had the house built and paid the town hall for licences. These were never issued, but we were not aware of this until January this year.

The town hall have never asked us to pull the house down. They actually came up and measured it when we took our final architects’s certificate to them. We thought we were waiting for our licence of first occupation. We have been here 2 1/2 years.

The town hall say that we can’t have a building licence yet. In the new POT plan we will be made urban. Then we will have no more worries.

They want to know why we are worried!!

We are worried because all our money is tied up in the house, which at the moment is not worth anything and our land is only worth 1 euro a square metre. We know this because we tried to get a mortgage.

We will be able to see the new plan in September, we hope.

I am just trying to find a “Plan B” in case what the town hall say is not true, and to find out how long we will have to wait until we can register it as legal because we have been here a certain number of years.

It still amazes me that we are in this position when we thought we had taken all precautions and paid all the necessary fees, insurances etc. and obviously I want to warn others to beware.