Reply To: The latest instalment of our nightmare!!


We also have problems with DLM (recommended by ***** Estates) in its latest incarnation.

We bought an apartment at Sea Golf Apartments in Alcaidesa in Sept 2001. By September 2004 we were very unhappy with the progress towards completion and the lack of information from DLM. We had our contract checked by a UK solicitor who said it was the worst he had ever seen. At that point we decided to invoke the guarantee. We had face to face meetings with DLM who came up with numerous excuses for not giving us a copy of our guarantee but assured us it was perfectly valid and if we signed an all encompassing power of attorney they would start the proceedings to reclaim our money. On advice we forwarded them a power of attorney limiting them to only invoking the guarantee. From that point our instructions were repeatedly ignored – obviously delaying tactics hoping that the apartments would be complete before we could invoke the guarantee. Surprise, surprise when our new solicitor investigated the guarantee it did not exist.
At the moment, working through our UK solicitor, we are reporting them to the Colegio de Abogados and we are awaiting the outcome.

Has anyone succeeded in getting anywhere with a complaint to the Colegio?

The nightmare continues….