Reply To: Another Off Plan Nightmare




It would be interesting to know in which locality of Malaga Province and street is the promotion where you invested the money, and to know the number of “finca registral”. This way you might find out if the building has been declared behalf a Notary (Obra Nueva), although it is in construction, and if building permit was granted, since I suppose that it was this way, but you never know. Sometimes builders are so temerary…!

With the three alternatives that they have proposed to you, read the other way round, they can in reality expect the following: that you recover your money (faced with the three alternatives, it seems the most logical), so they could sell it again, but more expensive. You should bear in mind that the real estates market price has raised an average per year of 15 %, and considering the date in which you bought, in February, 2003, it might be a question as 25 to 35 %.

If the contract that you signed is correct, you have the possibility of request to the vendor by means of notarized summons, to grant the purchase deed in your favor, and if necessary, do not hesitate to file a lawsuit. But everything depends on the contract.

Take good advice before taking a decision. In no case accept the first option. “ Pacta Sunt Servanda ”. In Fuengirola there has his office mister José Maria Sánchez Alfonso, who undoubtedly will be able to assist you with entire professionalism.

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Good Luck

Juan Bertomeu Vallés
Real Estate& Planning Lawyer