Reply To: Estate agent commissions in Spain – gouging?



@vbtudor wrote:

But the agents will still try and make sure the owner isnt there – in which case you have to be diligent – go on your own and knock on the door – the owners for sure wont mind. But the agents will of course.

With good reason – the agent has paid money to bring the buyer and seller together and should not expect for them both to turn round and bite him.

I know many agents here who refuse to list or show property if anyone lives there – the situation above is by no means unusual.

Of course, this is for the most part the fault of the agents for charging outrageous commissions in the first place, meaning we’re now in a hole where the buyer doesn’t trust the agent and the agent doesn’t trust the vendor. All manner of contracts and viewing registrations are of course signed, but at the end of the day it’s only very rarely practical for the agent to try suing the vendor for his commission.

I’m not sure what the best way out of this is – in our company we tell the buyer and vendor up front what our commission structure is in an effort to make them stay loyal. In most cases it’s 3% so we can afford to be honest about it. People still go behind our backs, though. 🙁