H Bri

I agree with you completely that the government shouldnt be held to blame for the situation, – I ebleive myself that the industry itself should regulate it and weed it out – perhaps my own ideas of naming and shaming the bad ones are also harsh but it seems ot be working here with David’s website. He has no personal vendetta against any of the agents just has been fed up with people being ripped off by unscrupulous agents.

Now the ones that he has named and shamed have either asked to be taken off, offered money to be taken off or even made threats against him if he doesnt take them off. I know him personally and he is a nice bloke who has just had enough. He doesnt go out of his wat to hurt someones business but as he says if agents are charging high comissions then surely the public have a right to know how much they are being charged.

If someone comes along and is told that they will be charged 10% and they still go ahead and buy the house then they have no complaint afterwards that they were charged so much. Whereas if they were told 3% but in fact charged 10% that is dishonest (and does happen too)

So yes I believe the industry needs to sort its own affiars out or I am sure the government will

I also agree with you regarding working here illegally and not paying in the system – the ewxact same complaint most people have about asylum seekers who go missing in the UK. It seems it is ok so long as it is me thats doing it but I become whiter than white if someone else does it.

But the people I have met coming over here generally do register in time, and I have a friend who helps people to change their plates to Spanish ones – a relatively straightforward process in fact if not long winded. But it is down to the individual and their conscience.

Anywayhopefully this topic will provoke thought from other quarters and those that are looking for information before buying will at least have a fuller view of what information they need to get before making a buying decision, and one would hope will avoid being ripped off

Regards and best wishes