Reply To: If I knew then what I know now…….


Hi Chris

great read of your article. Whereabouts in Oliva Nova do you have a property. I bought 2 years ago in Rabdells (just over the little river). didnt buy off plan it was nearly finished when I bought it. However I have been trying to advise people against the very sort of behaviour that you elude to as it is VERY prevalent in Oliva and I would say half of them are very dodgy indeed.

I used to work as a buyers agent and just got fed up with all the ripping off of people that was going on (in fact thats why I started it because I found out I was charged 25% by the agent – fortunately I bought my original place in Piles 4 years ago at a great price so it doesnt make much difference. Now I play music and it is a much easier way of life

Anyway good luck and if you need any advice about the area drop me a line – I know most of the places to go to (and none of them English bars) around and about

Good luck