Reply To: Buying Off-Plan – Inland Developments




If you have read my recent posts you will gather we are having some issues at our off-plan development.
I agree with others, a good lawyer is absolutely essential, to check over the original contract and to deal with future issues (they WILL arise)
It seems unlikely in mine and others experiences that the development you buy in will be completed on time, ours has been 2 years now and although a very small development….still not completed.
Make sure you get an AVAL – bank guarantee from the builders bank in case they go bust, this protects your money paid.
The wait seems very wothwhile when you sign up….not so great as time goes on and the stresses of problems arise.
If you wish to send a PM I will give you contact info for our lawyer, he was recommended through this site and has proved an absolute star!

Good luck if you decide to go ahead