Reply To: Estate agent commissions in Spain – gouging?



Monicals: Sorry, but I’m not here in a commercial capacity. I honestly can’t recommend an agent in Cadiz province – all I can say is if you are thinking of using one give me their name and I will tell you if their reputation is so appaling that it has spread as far as Malaga province!

It will be almost impossible to guage if an agent is trustworthy via his website or email, and difficult to judge by phone. Really you have to meet them. Best advice is to arrange to meet several – try to line up one large, one small and one Spanish but English speaking at least.

Make sure you see their office, and get them to write down their commission. In fact, get them to right down absolutely bloody everything. Find your own lawyer. Read and digest everything on this forum and website. The moment you feel bullied or pressured, either walk away or plant him one on the nose.

That should see you going in well prepared to avoid disaster.