Reply To: Retiring in Spain


Hi Jock,

Sounds like you’ve already seen my post re. the long-term (if not then: ) so you will know I’m bullish but have my worries about what will happen in SOME areas in the short term. I’d be very interested to hear the opinion of others on this question.

Specifically on the CdS I’d like to add that I expect its current problems to deliver benefits in the long run. Given its location, golf, climate, advanced services / facilities and Andalusian charm it will always be THE coast. The market has suffered from greed and exploitation in recent years, but the Andalusian government is clamping down hard, and hopefully this will ensure a better future. The regional government in Seville has a new plan to deprive municipal authorities of planning powers if they abuse them – great news. Many thoughtful people also agree that the coast needs a bit of a shakedown to put the spivs out of business and leave the market to professionals who are prepared to work hard and offer value. Booms that get buyers hysterical and offer easy money always attract the wrong types.

So if things are done right the CdS has a fantastic long-term future.

But always go about the purchase in the correct fashion. See the rest of the site for more information on this, and keep checking back as I will be adding much more information over the next few months.