Reply To: Name % Shame Agents



I have to agree with you PJA,

The desire to name and shame is understandable, given the way some agents and developers behave, though clients have to bear their share of the blame for being so naïve. The hucksters are quite easy to spot when you get up close.

So far the rules have been you can’t mention companies by name, be it in praise or damnation. The main reason being that when you allow name-calling it quickly degenerates into a farce, as you quite rightly point out. It undermines the value of the forum and dilutes the content. Also it seems that the most active participants in name-calling are the agents themselves, often pretending to be either satisfied or dissatisfied clients.

Then there is the fact that we don’t want people publicly accusing companies of wrongdoing from a position of anonymity and without the facts being available to check. Reputations can be damaged and companies do have a right to a ‘fair trial’, at this website at least.

But on the other hand something has to be done about the impunity with which a bunch of hucksters go about mis-selling property in Spain. They flourish in this business of one-off sales where repeat business isn’t important, and because geographically disperse buyers make life easier for them too.

The internet goes some way to putting buyers in touch with one another and we can see that forums are the perfect medium for ‘client revenge’. This will help to expose the worst offenders. But it is open to abuse so we need a more elegant solution that enables clients to find the best companies and avoid the hucksters.

It needs to be fair to companies whilst protecting potential customers from the sharks. In the property business even the best companies have some miffed clients. The sale of property can be stressful, emotional and complicated, and clients themselves can be unreasonable from time to time, denouncing companies when the fault may lie with them. The trick is to identify the companies that habitually mis-sell or swindle and not clobber essentially good ones that have the odd problem with a client.