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The above post is not very appropriate in this forum as you really plug a company. However I have decided to leave it in because it will help me to point out several things that people buying property in Spain should most definitely NOT do. However I have sniped out the web address in the above post because you can’t mention companies by name. As is clear from the instructions this forum IS NOT FOR COMERCIAL POSTS.

Now lets examine what you say. First of all you plug the selling agent – please don’t in this forum.

Then you say that you used the lawyers recommended by the agent, as if that was a good thing, which it most definitely isn’t. YOU SHOULD NOT USE YOUR ESTATE AGENT TO FIND A LAWYER.

Then you say you are more than happy to recommend the lawyer – the Marbella lawyers Del Valle Abogados – recommended to you buy the agent.

Fernando Del Valle, president of this firm, and a bunch of his underlings have just been arrested in the biggest money laundering scam in the history of the Costa del sol, make that in the history of Spain. They stand accused of fiscal misdemeanours, money laundering and falsifying public documents.