Re: 3000 euros


🙁 Now I am worried!

This sale has been dragging on since the end of May.

We were told by friends on our complex that an estate agent (he also lives on our complex) had found them a buyer and was looking for more properties in the area, that we should contact him if we wanted to sell. So we did, the EA said he would bring the prospective buyer around to view our apartment. The day after the viewing we received an offer which we accepted. THe EA then said we needed to sign an agreement with them to sell our apartment to the said buyer. The agreement was a piece of headed paper from the estate agents office with the name of the buyer and the agreed price.

We decided not to go with their recommended lawyer, but used the firm we have been using to do our tax returns for the last few years. Since then we have one excuse after another as to the delay. We have not signed anything since. I have been chasing our Lawyer to get our deposit as I know our friends have recieved theirs. Our Lawyer has then told us that he is acting in our best interests by not accepting the deposit at this stage. Hence my original post. We are now concerned if it does not go ahead we will be left with legal bills and no deposit.

Should we contact the estate agent directly and ask to see this liquidiacion de venta or is it something our Lawyer should have?

Thanks for your advise