Reply To: Moving to Benidorm, Need Commercial/Residential Advice

James Kane

Hi James
I did a similar thing to you back in 2000’s I set up a small bookkeeping software – funnily enough I took inspiration from a software my friend used (Ember) & I thought I’d move over to Madrid once it was all up & running, I moved back home after 3 years due to family circumstances, however when I was there I bought a 2 home for $270,000 so i agree I believe $166,000 is a fair price, however try to look at an $160,000 offer, which could help you towards your solicitor fees, I paid around $10,000 in fees, moving, tax etc so with inflation through the years, I’d say your quote would be quite fair, I didn’t have the need for commercial storage but I hope I lent some advice on the residential side!
Good Luck