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We don’t know yet the Brexit implications in full. Being fiscally non- resident filing annually I just think what would happen if I just overstayed and told them so. Maybe for the relevant tax year they just charge me the extra tax on my UK income but could they deem me fiscally resident apart maybe for that particular year. So I would not have to declare my home in UK  or pay capital tax if I sold it take care to stay within 182 days in that year But if I do this surely would not want to chuck me out. Even if I do not satisfy their rules for Health  care and income level they could not grant me fiscally resident status – the income level quite high- in any case I could have health care in Uk if I keep coming back to Uk 90 days a year in the summer. What very annoying the Uk Govt does not seem to care a monkeys fkuc about property owners in Spain. No mention of any representations particularly for Uk owners who bought with the intention of retiring there permanently later on who now find this potentially frustrated. Give your Local MP a piece of your mind about this!

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