Reply To: Offer price.


Steve, that’s all good advice from luzcadiz. If it has a First Occupation Licence and a Rental Licence, all will be well. If it hasn’t, beware. A good lawyer is essential. Doesn’t have to be in the area, in fact might be better not as then there is less likelihood of them siding with the seller or agent. You need somebody to ask the questions you don’t know to ask! Only doubt is the comment regarding golf courses. Not all urbanisations/houses beside them are legal. Also remember the seller could have added on illegal buildings.
Don’t be frightened off, but do just let your head rule you and not emotion. Also, get a survey done of the property by an independent surveyor. RICS is best and they are available. The lawyer can have the paperwork 100% perfect, but then its discovered that the building is not correctly described or it has faults that will be costly to repair. The costs of the survey can be repaid many times by you then having a list of items to negotiate the asking price with the seller. If the seller won’t see reason, maybe that house is not for you and there are plenty of others available.