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“I love it” . .. . . . . such dangerous words!!!!! especially when looking at remote location properties – safer but more boring would be a property on an urbanization on a golf course, guaranteed to be legal.

Love is blind so need to ensure it is legal [do not believe what the agent says and do not believe the notary nor the owners nor local expats . . . . sorry but advice based on known bad experiences]; the only way to do this is to go to the town hall. Whilst there and if you have not already been given a copy ask for the “licencia de primera occupacion”.

does it have local water, Does it have local electrics [generators and solar power are not really enough]. Bottom line is it fully legal – and you can only trust the townhall for an honest answer.

If you are in certain provinces such as Valencia there are still land grab laws whereby if there is an attractive plot of land and your plot is on the access road to that plot a developer would have the right to put a road through your property to access that plot and not just at the end of your garden but if necessary between your house and the pool. So need to check for any local planning applications.

Mountainsides are great for wind farm energy . . . . another aspect to think about as these are noisy and would blight your resale value.

On the market for a while. What was the initial asking price . . . ????? SPI will be able to tell you the m2 value for that area for resales which is another indicator.

If on a mountainside and remote then permission to build might have been given because it was originally a cowshed. It is important to get a written assurance from the townhall that permission was given to build to the current size of the house and also to build the pool [especially in areas prone to drought such as Almeria]. All improvements need to be registered with the townhall.

not only do the townhall have draconian powers but any improvements to the “cowshed” will increase the catastral [rates] on the property.

Then there is the construction and drains etc which a surveyor should check for you not just for the quality of the work but the quality of the materials used especially the drains which if not of the correct material could pancake, back up and cause extensive costs.

I think the final point is how are you financing the project. If you are looking at a euro mortgage this could get very expensive post-Brexit as the pound will weaken against the euro . . . although the euro will also go weak . . .

I hope this helps

Good luck.