Reply To: How easy (or difficult) is it to start a real estate agency business in Spain?



These are some great comments above.

Obviously if you want to become a Real Estate Agent in Spain there will be different things you need to consider (especially if you are from a different country).

Spanish Property Law

First thing to do is your research on all Spanish property laws, different parts of Spain have different Real Estate regulations. Some areas such as the Balearic Islands have stringent regulations whereby a special licence is required to rent property.

Target the right people

Depending on what property you are planning to sell will determine who you are targeting.

Research your chosen location to operate in to find out what kind of properties sell the best. There’s no point selling property that no one wants.

It’s competitive

The Spanish real estate market is highly competitive, Spain is the number one destination for European holiday goers, meaning that there is a lot of demand for property and new developments.

Get seen online

Because 95% of people now search online for property it might be a good idea to make sure you have an exceptional website, this will ensure you can generate enough leads and help you get ahead of the competition!

So to answer your question,  be prepared, target the right people and get seen online. If you manage to do this, it wont be as difficult as it could be to start a real estate agency in Spain.

Good luck!