Reply To: Do I really need a lawyer to sell my house?


Chris Nation

Mark, there are these people. For some reason fathomable only by a cave-dwelling pandit sri guru swami xxxxananda, looking into my past lives, I seem to have come to moorings alongside such unfortunates more than once.

I suppose a more prosaic analysis would say, “it’s the properties you choose. Always going for a bit of ‘added value'”

Your neighbour and mine are clearly in need of assistance from social services/mental health but as I have been told, here in VLC the budgets are blown and the services virtually nonexistent.

I do feel for these people, living in a twilight world of filth & chaos, physical and mental, often with hordes of animals. The stability of the human mind seems a precarious thing.

But I have to say, in my position and yours, I go for a solution which relieves me of sharing it.