Reply To: Do I really need a lawyer to sell my house?


Chris Nation

Regrettably, Mark, it’s in Spain.

Back in May, when the police responded to a call from my Gestora, they summoned the bombers to go through the door, and what they found prompted them to call the animal welfare people.

The animal squad were just about to leave with a dog and a cat when the son of vecina turned up and vouched for the care of animals. The animal squad left without them.

Of course, vecina reappeared and everything resumed as before – barking, howling and ‘insalubridad de una inmeuble’ Not half.

In UK the RSPCA would have acted on what they saw for themselves, on the night, and not on a promise, from a third party, of future good behaviour by the owner of the animals.

The director of my building’s management company told me that animal welfare law in Spain is “nothing like that in UK, not even close”.

I am deeply anxious that more vapourous assurances to the office which issued the denunciación will result in the same outcome as before. No change.

I am surprised that they have not contacted me, as the next door neighbour, for details of any other relevant issues.

For one thing, when the dog occasionally escapes downstairs to the lobby it invariably plants a barker’s nest which vecina never, ever cleans up. I pick the deposit up in a bag and hang it on her front door handle …

Nobody else in the building has, to my knowledge, made any noises about this situation. They are either elderly or owe community charges or both. I suspect Franco-era heads-below-the-parapet mentality lingers on.