Reply To: Do I really need a lawyer to sell my house?


Chris Nation

Two cases in which misrepresentation works in England and Wales. Would they fly in Spain?

1) The boatyard on the Tamar, Devon, at the time I went to book a mooring for my sloop, had been sold, I was told. Contracts exchanged at £650k.

The buyer pulled out. The seller sued for breach of contract. The buyer counter-sued for misrepresentation.

About 5-6 years later the case was awarded to the buyer. Mind you, by then he’d had a heart attack and the seller had had two strokes.

2) The appalling situation I have with my next door neighbour – her dog, actually – the barking, the howling for hours on end but principally the horrendous filthy stink from the fact that the dog is in there 24/7, never taken out. Ever.

An English friend asked me whether the seller of my flat should not have declared a ‘difficult’ neighbour!

Well, it’s the law now in England and Wales but in Spain? When the seller turns out to be the brother of the neighbour?

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry …