Re: 214


Modelo 214 can only be used for simplified returns and in instances where someone owns more than one property (eg. two distinct properties or an apartment and a separately registered garage) different provisions apply.

Payment must be made before 31st December in the following year. Payment is normally made at one of the collaborating banks although the actual bank used can be determined by the availability – or not as the case may be – of etiquetas. This is because the computer systems in some banks cannot process tax returns which do not carry these etiquetas whereas others such as La Cam can.

For the calculation of el Impuesto Sobre el Patrimonio in the majority of cases you begin by taking the highest figure from the catastral value, the value which may have been assigned to the property by the tax office for other purposes and the purchase price. In the majority of cases this is the purchase price.

For calucation of el Impuesto sobre la Renta in the majority of cases one again takes the valor catastral as the starting point (although be sure to check when it was last revised). In certain instances this may not exist and as such one needs to begin by returning to the figure used as the base for calculation of el Impuesto sobre el Patrimonio before then calculating the tax due.

Finally, if you do not have etiquetas to hand you should include a photocopy of your NIE certificate in the envelope when payment is made.