Reply To: Best investment opportunities in Costa Brava


Hi Mark

Thank you very much for the considered response. My first priority is an accessible property to enjoy with family and friends – for us this does include a decent nightlife. Which is primarily why I considered Tossa and Lloret as an obvious choice. However, I fully agree there are more desirable locations and the Russian situation is an interesting one I hadn’t thought of.

Since I don’t plan to rent the property out, it seems logical to look at potential capital growth in the medium/long term as a secondary consideration.

My impressions of L’Estartit from a previous visit is that it lacks a hub and feels a bit soulless. But I’m happy to be proven wrong on that!

I have been considering the Blanes / Malgrat region also, and the train connection is a massive plus. However, I hadn’t looked south of Barcelona at all – Castelldefels does indeed look far less developed than the other regions.

I will be visiting the region in June and will aim to hit all the spots on this list. If there is anywhere else you feel I might be missing, I would really value your opinion!
Best regards