Reply To: Urgent about appraisals


I don’t mind at all doing their job, if the result is that I get a fair valuation. Since I moved to Spain I feel that I am constantly doing the job of our lawyer, accountant, the tax office, but in the end the outcome is usually what want it to be. It takes time, but it is time well spent. Like David Vick says, it seems like the Spanish don’t really stand up for themselves, even when they are seriously wronged.

Anyway, I prepared a letter which I sent to my bank manager. He thinks it’s good to go, and wants to translate it to Spanish and send to them. This morning I woke and felt that your advice was better, just focus on the fraud part so that doesn’t get lost, so I asked him to wait a little bit… Now I am not sure. SurveySpain – can I send you my draft as a private message? You seem to know what you are talking about.