Reply To: Electric shower

Chris Nation

Mark. Thanks very much. Strange how it was not easy to dig that info out of any other source.

Here comes my supplementary, as per P.M’s Qs
– I have been signed up to Iberdrola on a 5.5KW deal. My guesstimate is that an 8.5KW cold feed shower should be adequate for Spanish conditions at the coldest time of the year in VLC city, though as with any other system demanding power, you can never have too much.
– The key is the capability of the shower to raise the water from ambient to +/- 40°C, which is a ‘hot’ shower
– These electric showers draw a lot of amps for a short time. How does this square with any particular standing charge power rating? If one has an 8.5KW shower, does that mean the power rating from the electricity company must exceed that? Or is 5.5KW the monthly ‘allowance’? Electric ovens are common: they draw 4-5KW.
– I’d be very grateful if you could explain what you get for a 5.5KW deal, bearing in mind these high-draw gizmos.