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Colin McC

Hi Mark, thanks again! We are going to see our estate agent’s accountant tomorrow night as he has been recommended, admittedly he would want to help the agency sell the flat, but we have known the estate for a long time and are very friendly with him. He seemed to think the sale is simple in that you say you are non tax residents, show the deeds, the IBI payments, other necessary certs and the buyer retains the 3%. What we don’t know is when the CGT has to be paid, I read that non residents have two months to complete the form, by which case most would have left the country. I know you own property in Barcelona, maybe you have heard of lawyers called Strong Abogados who advertise widely in the expat media, we would be willing to pay something but we have very little money, hence we have to sell so we are caught in a terrible situation. My partner took an awful call centre job as she had nothing for 9 months and this after years of bad jobs and illegal employers, none of it her fault. She earns barely 1000k and that is for us both, we took out a bank loan last year, first since we lived here, so owe 10k to the bank when we leave, we are short 500 euro each month just to live, we have no choice but to leave and go to London where I can sell my art, we have tried to hard to make it work here but it is impossible. If we didn’t pay the CGT we’d still only take back a little over what we made on our house sale back in 2001, so nothing at all to show for 14 years in Barcelona. My partner is suffering with her health and now suicidal due to extreme worry. We don’t see a way out of this, if we had to stay we will run out of money in a few months, if we sell we will lose all our profit and possibly everything due to back taxes, if we do a runner we will always be living in fear back in London where we are desperate to be.  We will see this accountant tomorrow anyway and then see if we can get a lawyer but of course they can be very expensive and we paid 200 euros for 1 hours advice a few years ago and he told us it was easy, just go to Hacienda and get a tax certificate, clearly not the case!It seems nobody really knows how things work here. I will update you after we get some “professional” advice, if we lose this sale we may not get another chance to leave, not much we can do! Appreciate your time!