Reply To: need help !!!! buying a property

Chris Nation

Hello John

thanks for your response. Indeed, Graham Hunt seems to be pretty much Mr Valencia for Anglophones. I have had a beer/coffee or three with him over the years. For anyone who can afford his services I would say that one would be pushed to find a better ‘wing-man’ to get the deal done.

My recollection of what he told me of his fees is that he charges 3% of purchase price. All other fees and charges [taxes, lawyer, registration etc] are additional. His services, apart from his own folio of properties [or finding one if not on his books], is in navigating the system from viewing to completion and beyond, if required. I’d say that in this case, one is setting cost off against time and convenience.

Sadly, I cannot afford Graham’s services. That does not mean to say I have not already asked him this question of list to sale price! As I have had no response, I take it that this is a trade secret in his line of business and that, flying solo, one must find out for oneself.

In fact, I’m not ‘flying solo’. I have found someone with fluent Spanish, a resident whose family is in the property biz on the C Blanca, to help me. I copy a couple of comments he made after his first brush with Valencia city’s property agents. Very enlightening…..

I was surprised how few agents I came across on street corners as you do in my neck of the woods. Most of them are several floors up in a building with an anonymous plaque on the outside that you can only find via internet!! You’d think they didn’t want to sell anything.”

“The most surprising thing that I discovered (trade secret here!) is that when an ‘outside agent’ takes a client to them, the agreement is that the agent with the property charges the seller 2,5% and the bringer of the buyer charges him (in this case you!) another 2,5 % !!!. Very different from what I’m used to in the Alicante region”

Your last sentence, “You’re not going to insult anyone with a low offer to the extent that they will not talk to you again” could be read two ways, though perhaps, being a bit nervous about all this, I’ve invented #2

1] It means exactly what it says. That nobody [in the current market] will take terminal offence at any offer based on a savage hack at the asking price.

2] The [invisible, implied] addition of  “ … are you?” is a warning not to.

Chris Nation