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lost and found

Hi john,

Thanks for your quick response, i don’t speak any Spanish apart from very few basic words but plan to do some classes when i am out there to learn and also that will help me get to meet people.

I have found these properties though an estate agent who is English speaking and it is these who will be showing me the properties next week.

As for being inland and remote that is what appeals to me as if i want a place in Spain i want to be part of proper Spain (if you know what i mean) and if i want to go to seaside i can just drive there.

I know i have have left everything a little late (story of my life) but i only started looking last week and thought i would go look asap, i will definatley only use this first trip as a fact finder and if i do like the looks of any property i will seek legal advice from a solicitor out there.

John you say all sorts of potential problems with inland properties? is it not the same with properties both inland and by the coast.  (this is where i may come unstuck )




what i like is remote where i can do work either myself or have builders in