Reply To: is it a \"new \" property or not??

La Nucia


Hope this will help

We have had our house for ten years, The builder had a mortgage on it,which is paid off when you take yours out, use a solicitor, we did not, we wish we had. We had problems with the under build after eight years, the builder was claiming it was now over ten years old, (when it was built) not when we brought it. We used (express legal café) they managed to get some of the work done for us but not all of what is needed, and it has cost us quite a bit of money , plus extra visits spent just looking at the work, which takes them forever, when they are not being paid.

It would seem it is new on the day that the building is finished, not when you buy it, they do not put light fittings up just wires hanging out, and you also get charged for the water and electricity connections, about 600 euro  for water 250 euro  for electricity paid before the connect you, make sure they have paid the tax outstanding, its about 1000 euro a year for us, plus 560 euro for community tax, all things you need to pay. also electricity is 25 euro  standing charge per month water about 11 euro per month.

Only buy if you are going to use it a lot, ours is now costing us £1000 a month. with the mortgage.

Which is a lot for 4 holidays a year and the family think it is a free holiday!

Ours is only worth half of what we paid for it, so we would lose if we sold it, and they take a long time to sell in Spain.

Hope this helps , just think twice.