Reply To: Selling in Spain – Any advice gratefully received

Mark Stücklin

Hi SB,

Interesting question.

Selling a hotel is a bit different to selling a flat or villa in a coastal resort. It’s more like a B2B operation.

It also depends on where it is, how big it is, and the price tag.

Selling a big hotel in Barcelona for €20m needs a different sales channel and marketing to selling a B&B in Galicia for €200,000.

Generally speaking, selling a hotel means going through local business brokers, though it’s a good idea to supplement that through your own marketing using portals, social media etc. There are international business brokers like Christie + Co, who have a directory of hotels for sale in Spain here. Otherwise the option is usually local brokers, once again depends on where the hotel is.

Can you link us to the page where you advertise your hotel?