Reply To: End of Amnesty_`ley de ordenación` in Ibiza ?


Hi Giancarlo,

We put in our legalisation project last Oct/Nov and still have heard nothing. Recently we were told that the first meeting to consider all of the projects submitted in the first 6 months after the amnesty was announced would be in Sept. Specifically I believe our architect has a meeting with the someone official on Sept 22nd. We have also been told that this means noone has been given their legalisation yet.

We have been round and round and round in circles on this one so many times that nothing would surprise me any more. None of our house has an original  permit (or at least noone can find it in the archives) although we had no idea about his until we came to submit planning applications to move the pool 5 years ago. When we bought the house we were told it was completely legal and we pay taxes etc. and have lots of legal papers/certifcates for the house, just not the one original licence. Apparently noone asked for  this 15 years ago when we bought the house.

Do you know if the fine is 15% + IVA or just 15%. Please keep sharing anything you hear and I will too. I love Ibiza but it does drive me mad…